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Jdramas, Arashi, figure skating and Uchida Atsuto. Sometimes other stuff too. I like a lot of stuff
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How many songs? 1623

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First Song: A - Rainbow

Last Song: 99/100騙しの哲 - UVERworld

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Shortest Song: 道 - Arashi (0:56)
Longest Song: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 In C-sharp Minor - Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra (9:50)

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First Artist: AAA
Last Artist: 2PM+2AM

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First Album:  ⊿ - Perfume

Last Album: 808 - Wilber Pan

Top 3 Most Played Songs

  • 有沒有 - William Wei
  • Full of love - Arashi
  • Breathless - Arashi

Death: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
a Day in Our Life - Arashi, This and That is Life - David Choi, Key of Life - Nakamaru Yuichi (Kat-tun), etc
Love: full of love - Arashi, Only love - Arashi, Love Girl - CNBLUE, etc
Hate: none
You: Back to You - BEAST, Hey You - CNBLUE, U (All I want is you) - FTISLAND, etc
Sex: Sexy doll (with 코타 & 주비 of 써니힐 / Rap MYK) - Clazzi

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